The Casa Vecchia Farm is presided over by a splendid historical farmhouse founded in the 19th century and restored according to architectural design of the region. It is surrounded by ten hectares of pastures, olive groves, and woodlands. It is located in a hilly area of natural and historical importance; rich with wildflowers, mushrooms, and wildlife. Its agricultural activities include olive cultivation and lumber, as well as being the home of many farm animals, including horses. Its geographical position offers a breathtaking panorama which stretches to over 180 degrees, offering views of Volterra and the Etrscan Rocca di Pietracassia. The informal atmosphere guarantees our guests a holiday filled with the magic of nature in art and history, all in a climate which is always pleasant.

        The farm is located near Chianni, in the province of Pisa, near Volterra and five minutes away from the hot springs of Casciana Terme, situated in the famous scenery of the Tuscan hills, nestled among Mediterranean plant life and gentle slopes. It is an excellent point of departure to reach the most interesting places in Tuscany.

          Since the first Etruscan and Roman settlements, Chianni has been known as an area rich with woods and wildlife, and for ancient travellers represented a wild and impenetrable area of strong and essential characteristics.
"Land of woods, castles, mills and mines…." Thus spoke ancient historians of this territory. From 1113, the bishops of Pisa and Volterra fought for the control of its strategical geographical position and its excellent panorama spreading out form the plateau of the Arno all the way to the sea