Near the village of Chianni, you can explore on foot, by bicycle, or on horseback a labyrinth of footpaths and trails rich in natural and historic treasures. We can supply you with maps to plan your itinerary. You can also rent mountain bikes in the nearby town of Casciana Terme, where it is also possible to rent a Quad (a small, 4-wheel motorscooter) and go on a guided excursion.
In the woods surrounding the Farm there is a lovely little brook and, from the beginning of June as the summer sun warms the earth, you can go there to refresh mind and body, taking your place in the environment of wildlife including squirrels, tiny tree frogs, and, towards dusk, porcupines and wild boar.

In the valley of the farm runs the Sterza river where you can go swimming at Garetto place.

The village of Chianni (also accessible on foot) there is a swimming pool facility and a children's pool.
You can also find swimming pools in the towns of Casciana Terme and Peccioli; the latter is particularly interesting and also has a prehistoric park for children.

In the valley of Chianni lies the community of Terricciola and the famous Wine Path (la Strada del Vino), where local producers of fine Chianti delle Colline Pisane wine open their vineyards for wine tasting.

Following the itinerary you can reach in 40 minutes.
San Gimignano: